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My promise

I have two promises:

1. To keep Mason's name and memory alive.

2. To help sick babies and children.

The best thing about Masey Moo is that $5 from every order goes straight towards helping sick babies and children. Every year I will choose a different charity so that our help is being reached everywhere! 

With the launch of Masey Moo in 2018, proceeds went to to the Mercy Foundation NICU Unit where Mason spent his last few days on earth. This foundation help sick babies and their families in NICU, the babies who stay earth side and the babies who unfortunately never come home like Mason.

We raised $2115!

Proceeds for the next 12 months will now be going to Red Nose Australia. Red Nose Australia focuses on the support of SIDS.

So go you good thang! Thank you for giving your love to the little people that need it!