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About Us

Hello and welcome!

My name is Giselle but more importantly I am Mason’s mummy.

A really really shitty thing happened to me, my husband, our families and friends. Well there is no word for it. Not one word could ever describe it.
I lost my baby.

(My first ever cuddle, 5 days after Mase was born! I didn't think I would ever be able to hold him!)

I was fit, I was healthy, I was happy, I was ready....BUT...After a dream pregnancy, which felt like forever being 13 days overdue, a traumatic labor, I had to unexpectedly say goodbye to my first child in my arms, my beautiful baby boy Mason 6 days after delivery. I didn’t get to bring my Mase home, even though the car seat was installed, nursery finished, boxes of nappies ready to be pooped in, his overflowing cupboard filled with baby clothes ready to be worn. And when I mean overflowing, I mean OVERFLOWING. Mason was going to be one stylish fashionmista!

So I needed to do something, I promised myself and to Mase that I would keep his memory alive. That I wanted everyone to know of my son that they couldn’t see. To never forget Mase. To do something good, something great in honor of my baby boy. So I decided to create an affordable, minimalist, cute AF baby clothing line called Masey Moo, a nickname I used to call Mase when I was pregnant. I love fashion and come on.. baby clothes are totes adorbs!...So with that being said, I have been busy designing clothes that I would’ve loved to have seen Mase in.

The best thing about Masey Moo is that $5 from every order goes straight towards helping sick babies and children. Every year I will choose a different charity so that our help is being reached everywhere! 

With the launch of Masey Moo in 2018, proceeds went to to the Mercy Foundation NICU Unit where Mason spent his last few days on earth. This foundation help sick babies and their families in NICU, the babies who stay earth side and the babies who unfortunately never come home like Mason. We raised $2115!

Proceeds for the next 12 months will now be going to Heartfelt Australia & New Zealand.

I launched Masey Moo on Mason’s first birthday, 13 July 2018 at 7:48 pm the exact moment he entered this world, during his first birthday party with friends and family. My first birthday present to my beautiful baby boy.

I look forward to seeing a little bit of Mason everywhere.



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